Tipsters recruitment

Become a Professional Sports Tipster And Earn a Contractat VerifiedSoccerBets Investors or become an anonymous tipster (without having a public profile). Do you think you can beat our top tipsters? Challenge them to show you belong among them. Want to role with the big guys? You are at the right place!

Why Us?

Well, we have quite a simple answer for that one,  and with all respect to all the other companies, they can not afford to pay quality as we can.At VerifiedSoccerBets a lot will become possible! You don't even need a public profile. You can work only for us - without publicity!

About Us

We are constantly seeking and recruiting tipsters from all over the world. If you are a native tipster with proven records (or not) who has strong analytical skills and a nose for value, than please do not hesitate to apply to become a tipster at VerifiedSoccerBets.com. Not only do we offer generous and fair payments, we are also a booming company who wants to grow on many facets in the betting industry.

Basic Requirements:

  • Natives only
  • With proven or no proven records available, we might decide to set you on a high demanding trial
  • All sports are wanted (preferably sports with bigger betting market)
  • Only AHC and Totals
  • Odds from Asian market (Soccer/Football: SBOBET, IBCBET and Other Sports: PINNACLE)
  • We only use flat stake betting of 1 unit
  • Preferably only matchday and live bets

Full Trial Requirements:

Trials for tipsters without verified records (Starter trial):

  1. All bets with full previews via email. Time of publishing: not important (Live operators available).
  2. Only AHC and Totals. Only one bet per game!
  3. All bets/flat stake, 1 unit.
  4. Odds from SBO/IBC (Soccer/Football) and PINNACLE (Other sports).
  5. Preferably only matchday and live bets (we need the biggest limits).
  6. Your success will be monitored in your personal profile.
  7. We make evaluations of the trial tipsters every 2 months.
  8. Once you've hit more than 5 units, we'll have a first evaluation, and if we really like your style (quality>quantity, no chasing, selective value) we might consider to take you on board already.
  9. Once you've hit more than 10 units you will get our final answer (even if you hit more than 10 units it’s not necessary that you will get a positive answer but on the other hand you can get in before the 10 units line. It all depends on your work, approach, results.)
  10. You shall not exceed the amount of 25 picks per month during your trial.
  11. ONLY domestic picks. If you are a Romanian tipster who wants to pick a EPL pick, the story  already ends.
  12. You shall not select picks from more then two leagues (all within the same country).
  13. If our BH-trial staff sees something suspicious or notices unacceptable behavior, we always have the rights to end the trial.

If you have verified records it's a point for discussion. But nobody won't be accepted into paid section immediately.


As a paid tipster you will be paid according to your success in betting – per winning unit – in euros (€ or EUR) and to other factors (Check FAQ). Minimum: 100€ per unit; maximum: only the sky is the limit.

All payments are processed every 60 days through Skrill (old Moneybookers), PayPal, Neteller or Bank transfer.


Benefits of VerifiedSoccerBets Tipsters:

  • Best paid tipsters on the net!
  • You'll deal with real investors (we don't search for regular customers – micro punters)
  • Don't need to deal with marketing, promotions, administation work, etc.
  • Perfect tipster's platform – Placing tips, full details, history, payments, balance,etc.
  • You can have a »public profile« (tips on website, sell to investors) or an »anonymous« (only we invest on your tips)
  • Getting E-mail notifications about your investors/followers

Important: The tipster can not publish the tips he gives at VerifiedSoccerBets.com (Public profile) at any public site, forum, blog, or anything else.

Website owners click here>>> (Coming soon)


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much money can I earn as a VerifiedSoccerBets tipster? 

A lot of factors can influence that: Public tipster or Hidden (anonymous), tips offered to VIP and/or Normal investors, your success in betting, etc.

  • Why should I join VerifiedSoccerBets instead of other paid tipster websites?

We’re  professional investors, we invest money into our tipster’s tips. FACT:  You can’t get bigger sums for your work!

  • Can I become a paid tipster immediately? Or can I start a paid trial?

Double no. Even If you have full verified records, we will discuss about trial periods with each tipster individually. All trials are non paid.

  • I’m a professional tipster with full verified records. How long is the trial period?

If you have perfect and full verified records, we will discuss about trial period with each tipster individually. We need to see your approach. F.e. we will setup a trial from 30 to 60 days (based on 12 months verified records; last tips not older than 2 months).

  • What if I run my own paid service?

Not a problem at all.  You can still join us and use our services. Website owners click here >>>

  • Requirements in order to pass a trial?

We’re in the betting industry for more than 15 years, and we already know how to recognize a serious one. We might decide to set you on a high demanding trial, even up to 6 months or more, writing quality analysis in English is also a must, but at the end the reward is very attractive.

If you’re just one of those who are looking for quick money, we recommend you to skip our trial, and pass on. We’re looking for professional sports tipsters only!

  • Contract by VerifiedSoccerBets, any legal obligations?

Don’t be afraid. Contract is based mostly on rules, so we exactly know “how to play the game”. You can cancel it on the next day if you wish. Of course also we can do the same. So no real legal obligations from your side.

  • How will we work to promote you as a brand?

Our marketing team will work to improve your profile with search engines, appropriate forums (e.g; Betting Advice, SBC) and also Social Media.

  • Trial 

All trials will start on a good old fashion way, tips with previews go to our email: info@verifiedsoccerbets.com All statistics will be available in your personal profile. Why? 70-80% of tipsters won’t contact us after a bad start or will try to do a second attempt with another email. So we just want to make a selection before we add you into our system.

How to apply for a trial ?

If you have the skills we’re looking for, please send us a full betting CV, plus verified records, details, important notes, covered league(s), etc... to our email: info@verifiedsoccerbets.com

For any Question about trials please contact us at info@verifiedsoccerbets.com