The Innovative Betting Solution for serious punters is having a VIP Account at VerifiedSoccerBets.com. Having a VIP Account offers you all the benefits of a real investor. You will be in the same rank as we are. This means you'll get the same odds, limits, personal assistance, full statistic overiew, and much more...

VIP Account Benefits:

  • VIP benefits

You will have exactly the same benefits as we do. How? Well, when our tipster release bets, our live operators must take those bets instantly and confirm the bets with the best odds we can get on the market. When our/your (VIP) bet is placed, we release those bets to our regular  account holders. Some tipsters are limited to be subscribed on with a Vip Account due of the fact some have a too complex domestic league regarding the limits.

  • Best odds – slashed odds are history!

You will use the exact same numbers as we do, same odds, no drops, same stats as ours.
We'll do all the work for you, you only have to sit back, relax, and watch the game!

  • Best limits out there

Struggling with betting limits? We can solve that. All you have to do is selecting the tipster you want to follow and the stake you'd like to place. All the rest of the work will be taking care off by our staff who are online every day from 9:00 am to 23:00 pm.
We can easily let you stake several k's on the lowest betting markets.

  • VIP Account

You will have your personal VIP Account with all the stats. You won't miss anything and the most important thing is that you can check your VIP account at any time at any place.

  • Personal Assistant

Every Vip Account holder has his personal assistant. This gives you the privelege to do every move in just a matter of seconds. Withdrawals, deposits, it all happens in just a couple of minutes. Changing your stake, issues movements, products, etc... it's all taken care off with one just one click.

  • VIP Payment solution

The big rolers out there already are aware of how things are being settled in the real world of betting. Quite simple: it's a fair product, you pay for profit, and profit only.

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